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Dam safety monitoring in real time—mitigating risk and optimizing operations

Dams create risk. High and significant hazard dam risks include loss of life and significant property damage. If for any reason—faulty design, poor monitoring system—a dam does not function as it should, it may not fulfill its intended purpose in a cost effective and safe manner.

The Solution Safe, cost-effective dam operations require reliable, timely environmental and dam status information. Integrating instrumentation and telemetry with data collection and dissemination software can bring real cost savings to dam operators. Visualization of current conditions, operational feedback, customized alarms, automated notifications, and 24/7 access from any mobile device are now affordable reality. These solutions bring dam owners peace of mind.

smart water meters and devices are based on proven technology and represent the next generation of smart metering.

we believe that smart water metering is not just a matter of increased accuracy. products create transparency in the distribution network all the way to the end-users. From household and commercial water meters that accurately measure the consumption and any acoustic noise in the pipes to detect possible leakages to district water meters and sensors that provides valuable information on what goes on in the distribution network.